albert floorotex light

The temporary floor protective mat,  non-breathable

albert floorotex light is a slightly adherent, non-breathable temporary floor protective mat. This mat with its weight of 120 g/m² is lighter than albert floorotex. It is suitable for the temporary protection of laminate and ceramic floors.
  • Protects - your floor best from mechanical stress
  • Waterproof - for protection against liquid spills such as paint or water (not breathable)
  • Anti-skid - mat cannot slip and helps to avoid accidents
  • Scratch resistant - very steady and strong
  • Reusable - can be used several times
Technical data
Material    PET fibres (100% recycled fibres), needled
Weight   120 g/m²
Dimensions   3.28 ft x 164.04 ft
    (538.05 sq ft)
    1 m x 50 m
    3.28 ft x 82.02 ft
    (269.03 sq ft)
    1 m x 25 m