Surface protection

1 – One-way retail box

Advantage of the retail box

  • Increased sales due to spontaneous purchases
  • The display box in a pro shop helps make the product known
  • Customers can touch the product sample


Box contents

280 sqft 12 rolls
150 sqft 24 rolls


Easy assembly

  • Slide the box from the pallet onto the ground
  • Take off lid
  • Done
280 sqft150 sqft
1 double pallet4 boxes @ 12 rolls per box4 boxes @ 24 rolls per box
No. of rolls per double pallet4896
No. of double pallets per container3333
No. of rolls per container1,5843,168

2 – Product flyer pad

The ideal sales aid for every pro shop

  • Easy to install with cable ties
  • 100 sheets per pad
  • perforated for simple removal
  • helps with the buying decision

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